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Redwine Toner 100 ml


Toner helps to remove any traces of dirt, impurities that is left behind after washing your face. Flavanoids , resveratrol & tannins  present in redwine  helps in slowing the process of ageing. Amino acid present helps to refresh the skin .Also redwine helps to brighten dull complexion.

    • Unisex
    • Skin type – All Skin type
    • Patch test is recommended before adding any new product to skincare routine..
*Products will be Dispatched within 7 Working Days*
  • Brightens dull complexion
  • Refreshes skin & gives healthy glow
  • Anti –ageing & also rejuvenates the skin
  • Helps to tighten pores
  • Calms inflammation


  • Redwine
  • witch hazel
  • Aqua
  • geranium & frankincense essential oil
  • preservative

Direction of Use

  • Second step in skincare routinue
  • Pour some toner on a cotton pad or cotton ball until it feels damp but not overly soaked. Gently wipe it on your face and neck to remove the remaining impurities.
  • Alternatively, you can even spray the toner on your face for a refreshing feeling and an extra dose of hydration.
  • After using the toner, your skin is ready to absorb skin care products. You can now apply your moisturizer or your skin treatment products


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