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Call Us: +91 6382154043 PAN India

No skin is perfect

Having specialized from a medical background, skin care was my least priority. In fact, kajal was the max makeup I wear for everyday routine. There were days when my hair would look messy, my skin looks very dull & my eyes looked tired. well I guess most of our skin is similar to this, but we do cover it up with makeup .and yes, I did try it too adding layers of make up to my skin.

Beautiful skin requires
commitment not miracle

I personally felt more comfortable & confident on my skin than layers. And due to lack of time I had started buying commercial products instead of using homemade ones (I had been using bath powders for almost 20 +years and replaced with commercial soap) only to realize my skin was totally unhappy as I had started getting acne, rough skin, marks etc.

Taking care of skin is important than covering it

I spent almost a year searching for alternatives spent on luxury skin care too until I finally decided to give up and get back to natural powders. Making powders again was all worth it, as I can literally feel my skin thanking me, and I was inspired to try more products for my everyday routine. Started researching on effective ingredients & keeping harsh chemicals at bay. I was highly motivated to understand how my skin works & get natural clear skin without make up.

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

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After months of trial & error, and working hard on more and more products which was circulated within family and friends and persistence to succeed my quest, a kit was ready for everyday routine. With constant motivation and encouragement from close ones, our brand “Raw Secretz” was established in 2020.

We have dispatched over 1000+ products and have around 350 + regular customers and 80% of referrals.

Why choose us?

Choosing our ingredients

We formulate our products by carefully selecting ingredients that are safe & also beneficial. Ingredients are natural as we strongly believe that you should know the ingredients that goes into your skin. We research on each ingredient before it gets added to our product. for example, we have not used white sugar for any of our products as we strongly believe it might cause micro tears on our facial skin. when in doubt, we skip the product.

Testing the product

Before we launch a product, we make sure that are products are tried on different skin types & also PH is tested for required products. Not tested on animals.

Testing on skin

Product are self-tested (tried on us first) following which is given to volunteers for trial for minimum use of two months after which the feedback is obtained. Only if the product is approved by our volunteers we launch the product.

PH test

Because products with a low pH are at a level closer to skin's natural pH, they will more effectively work with your skin and help cell turnover gently. However, certain products can be too low of a pH for skin and irritate it. Required products are tested for Ph every time.

Freshly made

Products are made only after the placement of order and hence we proudly label our products as “FRESHLY MADE “. Our products are not stocked up and can be customized in case of allergen to one of the ingredient present in the product. Fragrance & color that is provided from our products are due to mix of essential oil & other herbals products.


We dispatch your products in maximum 10 days, products are handmade after order and packed carefully with bubble wraps and dispatched.
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